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Straight Ear Candle Stick Beeswax Ear Health Care Aroma Aromatherapy Ear Therapy Ear Candle Stick Straight green pair

Good quality: This product is made of beeswax, which is natural and pollution-free and safe to use.

Fragrance: This product has a natural fragrance, and the effect is better when used with the fragrance.

Practical: This product is very suitable for ear physiotherapy and aromatherapy, which is beneficial to health.



Product Name: Ear Candle Stick

Material: pure cotton cloth, essential oil and beeswax, made by hand.

Single Size: 240*15mm/9.06*0.59"

Use steps: ignite the ear candle, put it vertically into the ear after burning, fix it with one hand (with the help of others), and remove it and extinguish it about 1cm/0.39" above the red line.

Ear candle suitable crowd:

People engaged in outdoor work.

People whose work environment is dusty.

People who feel earplugs and allergies.

People with excessive earwax.

People who take part in water sports.

People wearing hearing aids.

People who are doing aromatherapy.

Ear candle is not suitable for crowd:

People with eardrum perforation, pregnant women, menstrual period and ear suppurative.

Feature: No smoke, no ash, flame stability, safe use (after burning candle ash without temperature), will not hurt the skin, contains pure essential oil.

Effect: Reduce the pressure in the auricular groove and sinus tube; Safe and effective removal of excess wax; Reduce the symptoms of tinnitus and ear itching, and strengthen hearing; Help increase resistance to infection; Strengthen the sense of taste and hearing; Reduce headache and dizziness.

Packing list:

1 pair ear candle stick


The color deviation is subject to actual system configuration and slight dimension difference is allowed due to manual measurement.

  • Model: FQZSP_VVX6V4K6

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