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Digital Thermometer Body Infrared Thermometer for Adult Children Forehead Thermometer white

This product is a professionalinfrared non-contact digital thermometer for body temperature detection,which can be widely used in schools, Customs, hospitals, and households.

With easy and simple modesselection, equipped with LCD display and featured functions such as buzzer alarm,

temperature records, backlight reminder, temperature offset setting, threshold setting, automatic shutdown, etc.



Product Category: Digital Thermometer

Measuring range: 0-80℃ in surf mode; 32.0-42.9℃ in body mode

Measuring time: about 1 second

Measuring distance: 1~5cm

Displaymode: LCD

Size: 154x96x42mm

Weight: ≤93g

Current consumption: ≤10µA in OFF status, ≤100mA in ON status

(it is with auto shutdown self-detection function)

Power: 2 x AA batteries(3.0v)


ABS plastic housing, copper head structure, PCB circuit board, IC,

resistor, capacitor, infrared sensor, LCD, Buzzer,andbattery wire


Scope of application:

Suitable for measuring the forehead temperature (body mode) or

object temperature (surf mode)

Basic working principles:

Understanding the working principle of infrared temperature

measurement can help you use this product correctly, and

acquire a more accurate result.

- All objects radiate energy to the surrounding environment.

- The temperature of the object is proportional to the intensity of

radiant energy, the higher the temperature, the greater the

radiant energy.

- The human body's externally radiated energy is mainly in

infrared radiation,therefore the body temperature can be

calculated by measuring the intensity of the infrared energy

radiated from the human body to the surroundings

- The non-contact electronic thermometer accurately measures

the infrared radiation energy released by the human body. After

complex calculations and various compensation corrections, the

human body temperature can be accurately obtained. The

product consists of a built-in infrared detector and related

hardware and software, which can receive, analyze, and record

the temperature of the measured object and the environment.

Therefore, once the user brings the product close to a specific

part of the human body (forehead) and presses the measurement

button, the infrared sensor can be activated immediately, and the

passive infrared sensor can quickly detect the thermal energy

generated by the arterial blood flow, thereby accurately

measuring the body temperature.

Battery replacement:

When the battery voltage is below 2.4V, the power-outicon

will flash, and the thermometer will only in response to the

wake-up action, and will not be able towork, please replace the

battery immediately

Packing list:

1 * Digital Thermometer, 1 * Manual


1-3cm error might exist due to manual measurements, please kindly understand. The colors deviation might differ due to different monitor settings.

  • Model: PTO_0ELF36RU

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