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Smart Thermometer Bluetooth Temperature Digital Meter with Anti lose Function white

High Sensitive detector.

Using a new generation of probes to ensure the accuracy of data.

30 seconds to reaction temperature.



Item type:Thermometer

Model: bt15-i

Size: diameter 31.5mm, thickness 5.6mm

Weight: 6G (including battery)

Battery: cr1632

Effective transmission distance: 12m

Temperature in ° C or ° f

Measurement range: 25.0 ° c-45.0 ° C

Accuracy: +-0.05 ° C (36.00 ° C - 41.00 ° C) / ± 0.1 ° C (25.0 ° C - 34.9 ° C and 38.5 ° C - 45.0 ° C)

Receiving device: Android 4.2 operating system and IOS 6.0 operating system supporting Bluetooth 4.0

Battery working time: 120 days, 24 hours a day (frequent 1 synchronization data will accelerate battery loss)

Operating conditions: temperature: 5 ° c-55 ° C / humidity: 15% - 85% / air pressure: 86 kPa - 106 kPa

5. Function description body temperature monitoring: the device can monitor body temperature in real time, transmit data to the terminal software through Bluetooth signal, and complete display and more functions

b) Temperature alarm: when the temperature exceeds the threshold, the digital red changing device will alarm at the same time, which can set the sound notification when the temperature exceeds the threshold; the temperature threshold can be modified; when the screen is locked, the temperature exceeds the threshold, which will also alarm

c) Bluetooth disconnection indication: when the Bluetooth connection is disconnected, the client software will report the alarm

d) Temperature data storage: after the Bluetooth connection is disconnected, the device will automatically store the data for up to 24 hours

e) Low voltage indication: when the battery power is too low (≤ 2.7V), the client will display a reminder

Packing list:

1 x product
1 x Manual
1 x box packaging


The colors deviation might differ due to different monitor settings.

  • Model: PEL_0F6XJP2U

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