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Reduce Hyperlipemia Patch Diabetic Patch High Blood Lipids Patch Burning Fat Patch 6 stickers/bag

Our products are Chinese herbs: The feature is safe, reliable with no side effect.

Scope Of Application: Effective for Hyperlipidemia adjustment ,daily maintenance and prevention of cardiovascular system.

Usage: For external use, after the navel is cleaned and dried with warm water, it is applied to the affected part. After application, it is pressed and smoothed around with a little force. According to the applied part, it can be applied for 12-72 hours.



Product Name: Hyperlipemia Patch

Product name classification: medicinal patch

Flavor: Sweet

Product Composition:

CrushGinger,Bupleurum,Skullcap,Paeony,Pinellia ternata,Rhubarb,Jujube, fructus auranti immaturus into fine powder,mix with camphor, borneol, turpentine oil,eucalyptus oil and laurocapram,apply on the release paper, cover with the non-woven fabric and then slice and pack to make it.


1.In case of adverse reactions, please stop using this product. If the symptoms worsen, you should see a doctor in time.

2.Product for external use shall not be eaten. Do not stick around eyes and mouth.

Packing list:

Hyperlipemia Patch*1


The color deviation is subject to actual system configuration and slight dimension difference is allowed due to manual measurement.

  • Model: FQZMD_0YDZ338W

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